My name is Molly and I’m the owner of MollyStitches. I LOVE seeing the combinations that people come up with in the words, sweatshirt colors and floral color choices for their own custom sweatshirts. There is something so beautiful about embroidery making a statement on a sweatshirt without the wearer having to say a single word. Whether you are showing off your university pride, your favorite hobby, or your credo to the world, doing it with MollyStitches is a sure way to make a unique impression and earn some well noticed compliments as well.


How It Works

Have fun filling out the order form where you’ll choose your type of sweatshirt, your wording, and your colors of flowers. Once you fill out the order form, a payment link will be sent to you when a stitcher is ready to complete your sweatshirt. You can expect to receive your sweatshirt roughly a month after your payment link is completed.


Order Now

Customizing and building your own sweatshirt is fun and easy using the link below. When you customize your sweatshirt you will be able to choose the color, brand and size of sweatshirt, as well as choosing the specific lettering and flower colors.

Order Now Using JotForm!

And, of course, you can always contact me through email or Instagram if you have any questions along the way!

About Molly


Molly Rubert

When I was young I loved playing with lego kits. Taking small building blocks and following the detailed instructions page by page and making little houses, cars, etc. When my mother introduced the idea of cross stitching to me, I found a life long passion that has lasted far beyond my days of lego buildling. I’ve always been fascinated with taking a few strands of floss and turning them into anything you could imagine.

I love to stitch. I can’t watch TV without a project in my hands. Taking a road trip without bringing my stitching bag would be unfathomable. When I enter the craft store I am immediately pulled into the embroidery section. I still get crazy excited when a new project is finished and I get to start another one. So thank you for keeping my hands busy, and for trusting me and my team to create unique and beautifully embroidered sweatshirts for you!

Meet the Team

Samantha Samantha Wilson

As a little girl, Samantha learned cross stitch at her mother’s side. She fell in love with working with her hands and all she could do with a needle and some thread. You can also find Samantha online at The Stitched Pineapple where she offers hand embroidered hoop art, jewelry, hats and hand woven wall weavings. Samantha loves working on custom client projects where she utilizes her illustration and designing skills to bring life to her fiber art. She enjoys stitching meaningful heirloom gifts and designs into beautiful forever art!

Bella Bella Bonyata

My name is Bella Bonyata and I am studying art history at BYU, and I am recently engaged to my wonderful fiancé. I love art and have been doing anything artsy since I was a child. My favorite type of art is design and digital media, but I have fallen in love with embroidery. During the pandemic, I picked up an embroidery kit for the first time to keep me occupied in my house, I haven’t put it down since. I am so excited to continue my embroidery while working with MollyStitches.

Rosie Rosie Bauer

I am a PhD student in genetics and I taught myself how to embroider at the beginning of the pandemic. I love having a crafty hobby that I can do while watching my large repertoire of reality TV shows. On my own, I do science-themed embroidery (you can find me on Etsy and Instagram as embroideredchem), but I also love working with the floral sweatshirt crew!

Madi Madi Evans

Hi, I’m Madi! I graduated with my bachelors in Chemistry a few years ago and currently stay at home with my child while my husband goes to graduate school. I taught myself embroidery in 2020, but I’ve been sewing and crafting ever since I can remember. I love to listen to books as I embroider, it helps me relieve stress and brings a creative element into my day.

Adrianna Adrianna Rodriguez

Aside from embroidery, I am a plant enthusiast and am passionate about nature and our environment. I love creating a custom, unique, sweatshirt that someone will love. I think handcrafted items are the best!

Tori Tori Kauwe

Hi, I’m Tori! I picked up cross stitch and embroidery in 2020 and got lots of practice during the pandemic shut down. I am a college student studying to be a Speech Language Pathologist and a mom of an almost two year old. Embroidery, and recently crochet, are a favorite pass time of mine and help me to reset for the craziness of the rest of my day/week. Glad to be embroidering sweatshirts for MollyStitches :)

Alix Alix Katznelson

I’m Alix, a 30-something who loves having creative outlets! I learned how to embroider, knit and crochet from my mom and grandmas when I was little and have since taught myself how to bead and embellish. I live in Chicago with my husband and love crafting, reading and traveling.

Angelica Angelica Layton

I learned to embroider as a young child sitting beside my great grandmother because “that’s what princesses did.” While I grew out of the princess thing as I got older, the idea that I could turn a pile of thread, yarn, or a flat piece of fabric into a work of art always made me feel a little magical. I love being able to share that little bit of magic with others and am super excited to do that in these sweatshirts.